As someone who collects a good amount of figures from various franchises, I always appreciate the many different options for poses and extra items that are included. However, I think that seeing just how creative some people can be with these figures is even more exciting.

For instance, DeviantArt user, JessIzMe, recently acquired the new Breath of the Wild Link Nendoroid and has uploaded spectacular shots illustrating some situations that look like they were taken straight from the game.

Below is just a small sample of the work from JessIzMe’s gallery.

Will Link choose an extra Heart Container or a Stamina Vessel?

That Bokoblin really shouldn’t let his guard down, even to eat.

There may be a Korok nearby.

Another amazing thing about these shots isn’t just the environment, but the props that accompany them. In this case, the Goddess Statue island from the first shot is made mostly out of clay and craft sand, with the torches being made from painted craft sticks. The statue itself was printed using a 3D printer and was painted by JessIzMe. The water was achieved with resin.

The shrine, barrel, box, and Korok (from the header image) were also 3D printed, with the Korok’s mask and cooking pot being made from clay.

If you’d like to see more impressive stuff like this, be sure to give JessIzMe’s gallery a look-see, especially if you also enjoy the Metroid, Kirby, or Mario franchises!