Now that Breath of the Wild has been released, we are looking toward the future! We are always striving to improve your experience, but right now we are taking extra time to evaluate all the content we provide and considering new types of content that could be added to the website.

Zelda Universe is your community, and we want the improvements to meet your expectations. So, we have put together a brief survey to learn a little bit more about how you interact with Zelda Universe.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would spend a few minutes to give us some feedback:

This survey is completely anonymous. We are not gathering your contact information.

Your answers will be shared with the Zelda Universe team leaders to help us make educated decisions about the content we provide. Your answers will not be shared with any third-parties and will not be used for advertising purposes.

We are officially collecting responses until August 15, but you are always welcome to send us feedback directly via email, the forums, Discord, or any of our social media channels.

Thank you!

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  • Linebyline

    Already took the survey once and then noticed something else that could use attention: RSS feeds. I had to do some googling to find a working feed, and I assumed that was the end of it. But now that I look at the Features section, there are lots of articles there that haven’t been showing up in the feed. I get news, fan art, interviews, etc., but I didn’t know articles like “Why Termina Finally Makes Sense” had been published because they weren’t in the feed. (In the survey, I actually requested more of that kind of content because I didn’t know how much you were already providing.)

    It would be awesome if you could provide a clear link to an RSS/ATOM feed that included everything posted to the site. Even better would be a choice of that or individual feeds for only news, only features, only fan art, etc., but I can understand how that might be a bit much to ask.

    If you’re worried about the feeds taking traffic away from the site, just set the feeds so they only include “before the cut”/”above the fold” excerpts instead of whole articles. I, for one, don’t mind clicking through to the site if I can tell the article will be interesting.

  • Ryan Haney

    My only complaint would be that there have been spoilers in the headlines. Even if the game is 20 years old, there are some things that should have a spoiler warning. For instance, I hadn’t played Link’s Awakening when I saw on where it takes place. Other than that, keep up the good work. I look at your website every day, sometimes more than once a day.

  • Ghirahim

    Are you a member of the Zelda Universe forums?

    If you are a member of the Zelda Universe forums, do you primarily visit to discuss The Legend of Zelda or for other topics?
    “I’m not a member.” option is missing.

    • Linebyline

      It’s optional, so you could leave it blank, but if you’ve already clicked an option, I don’t think there’s a way to deselect it.

      Adding the “I’m not a member” option (and making the question required) would actually enable them to remove the initial “Are you a member…?” question entirely. But they probably can’t change it now or it would mess with their ability to aggregate the data.