The field of Legend of Zelda speedrunning is quite competitive, and Breath of the Wild is no exception. Recently, a Canadian speedrunner who goes by the handle anatomyz_2 (atz for short) set a new record in Breath of the Wild for the Main Quests category with no Amiibo being used. As the name suggests, this category has the runner complete all fifteen main quests, with the timer stopping upon landing the mortal blow on the final boss.

You can find the run in its entirety below:

Watch live video from anatomyz_2 on

One of the crazy things about the run is that atz claims there’s at least three minutes of “big mistakes”, meaning we could see another new record soon from them or another speedrunner.

If you liked what you saw and want to take a look at the other categories for Breath of the Wild speedrunning, you can find them here. Let us know if you’ll be tackling any of the challenges yourself for fun or fame!

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