If you haven’t taken up all your shelf space with the Breath of the Wild amiibo set (and that Guardian takes up a lot of room, flailing its legs around like a madman), then you may just want to add First 4 Figures’ latest creation to your collection. Released in the United States on launch day, UK fans can now head over to the Nintendo UK Store and pre-order the statue depicting Link in his blue Champion’s Tunic, bow and arrow at the ready.

The listing is for the 10″ PVC 1:6 scale statue, as opposed to the 1:4 scale resin one First 4 Figures have also produced, but there’s no word on if and/or when that iteration will be making it’s way across the pond.

The store lists the figure’s release window as “late May” and costs £64.99, with Nintendo offering free shipping on any orders over £20 from the site. If you haven’t already imported one from the US, you can pre-order it here.

Whilst you’re waiting for the postie to deliver it, why not check out our recent interview with Alex Davis and Tsoek “Chockles” Cheung from First 4 Figures, in which they divulge a few secrets about the other prototypes they’ve got locked away in their vault. (Tingle statue, anyone?)

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