Happy Friday everyone! Breath of the Wild is coming out in less than a month, and I’ve been finding myself counting down the days until I can finally journey through a brand new Zelda world. Link’s design is probably one of my favorite parts of the upcoming game. His blue tunic, his defined facial features, and even his ponytail are all welcomed changes that were integrated into Breath of the Wild‘s character art. I’ve been following Deviantart closely for some of the best Link fanart, and I found the perfect one for today.

Anadia-Chan is an incredibly talented artist that has created beautiful pieces of art inspired by many fandoms, including The Legend of Zelda. When I stumbled upon this piece, I was immediately struck by the mature, slightly dark portrayal of Link with a dark hood over his head. In many Zelda games, we are presented with a youthful and courageous young boy dressed in green sent on a specific mission. In Breath of the Wild, Link must brave the elements and use survival skills to navigate an abandoned world filled with monsters.

Breath of the Wild introduces a more mature Link, in an unoccupied world that is vibrant yet shrouded in mystery.


This fanart is brilliantly done, and it showcases Link in an ominous light. His face is filled with determination, but you can also see the fixed eyes of someone who has experienced trauma and must always be aware. Link’s face conveys so much emotion, and his piercing blue eyes tell a story within the portrait that grabs the viewer’s attention. Link does not even fear the lightning bolt crashing to the ground behind him, further proving his hardened exterior. All in all, I absolutely fell in love with this image and I cannot wait until Breath of the Wild is finally released.