I’m a big believer in using alternative canvases to express your creative spirit, and for me, there’s nothing more artistic than a beautiful pair of brand-spanking-new kicks!

Now, I’m normally the kind of guy who rocks the chunkiest skater shoes that I can find, but I think I can find a space in my collection for these fantastic Twilight Princess inspired high tops from Bobsmade. I’d lace these bad boys up any day of the week!

I mean — look at them, people!

Link High Tops

We’ve got two incredible renditions of Link; one from the torso up, peering moodily into the middle-distance, and close up of our stern looking hero, both painted in palettes that really pop. The navy of the canvas makes for a great backdrop and the Twili-style patterns fill the space wonderfully without drawing too much focus away from Link. Then the pièce de résistance, the Golden Power adorning the side. Stack that all up with the crisp white of the soles and the pristine new laces — I’d be almost too concerned with keeping them clean to wear them outside!

On second thought, I’d definitely wear these outside, or inside, or anywhere my adventuring feet took me — treads like these deserve to be shown off to the world. Repping these, I’d be the sharpest hero in any dungeon.

I’d dare Ganon to step to me whilst I’m rocking my hero’s boots!