2017 is a big year for our website, and we’re looking for volunteers to help us manage the site by working on the code. We have some pretty great plans in the pipeline, and in order to make them a reality, we need to expand the team. In particular, we really need people who know PHP and can help us develop plugins for WordPress and Burning Board.

Back end developer

UPDATE: We still need people with a strong knowledge of PHP to help us with back end development.

Back end developers work with WordPress for the main website, and Burning Board for the forums. Both are PHP based, and we need you primarily to develop and maintain plugins, as well as create exciting new features. PHP experience is essential, while HTML, CSS, and Javascript knowledge would be beneficial. Familiarity with WordPress or Burning Board (or other forum software such as vBulletin) is also preferred. You will be working on tasks spread over two-week sprints, and may be required to work with and communicate with the rest of the development team or collaborate with other teams.

Requirements consist of:

  • Technical Skills: PHP is essential. HTML, CSS, and/or JavaScript is a plus.
  • Good organizational skills
  • Good communication skills

Experience with WordPress, Burning Board and/or GitHub is a plus.

Lead developer

UPDATE: We’ve filled this position, however if you have the skills listed below, we’d still love you to get in touch as we may have other positions or tasks that you can work on! We’re especially looking for people with a strong knowledge of PHP.

We’re looking for a lead developer with a broad range of skills. Your primary job will be to lead the dev team. This means being responsible for the management and output of the entire development team, and creating development tickets to be done during two-week sprints. This requires extensive technical knowledge, preferably front and back end. As such, we’re looking for highly skilled and experienced candidates.

In addition to leading the development process and making tickets your, other tasks will be to solve problems that occur during development, and possibly even doing some development work yourself.

Requirements consist of:

  • Technical skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP (LESS/SASS, AJAX, and/or GitHub experience is a bonus)
  • Experience with WordPress, as well as Burning Board, vBulletin or similar forum software
  • Good organizational skills
  • Good communication skills. You’ll be required to use our online chat tool to keep in touch with your team

How to apply

If you think that you’d be a good fit for either of these positions, have any questions, or are interested in doing any other sort of development work for our site, send an email to volunteer@zeldauniverse.net with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • IM screennames we can use to contact you (Skype, preferably)
  • The position you’re applying for and why you’re qualified (include examples of your work if applicable)
  • Any past experience working on a website (if applicable)
  • A detailed description of how you want to help out Zelda Universe
  • Any other information you’d like to add

Please note that our website is run entirely by a team of volunteers, so we don’t pay our staff. These are volunteer positions that we’re hoping to fill. However, we do provide perks to dedicated team members when we are able. You may have opportunities to represent us at gaming events and conventions, not to mention developing a portfolio that will help you in the future (we’re also happy to provide references).

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