Designer and YouTuber Artsy Omni, who is best known as the creator of Smashified!, has been working on a new project for the last several months: a font. The new Zelda-inspired font file is based on the text seen in Breath of the Wild, which itself is based on the iconic text seen in many Legend of Zelda game logos.

The new typeface is named Hylia Serif. You may have already seen it in use by some popular Zelda YouTubers, like HMK, Zelda Master, and Zeltik.

A similar font, named Triforce, has been available for many years, but has always been a little difficult to use because of the strange spacing difference between the upper case and lower case letters. The Triforce font has been a useful resource to the community for many years, but Hylia Serif is a significant upgrade. With the strange spacing gone, Hylia Serif is more suitable for everyday typing.


Hylia Serif has been redrawn based on reference images from footage of Breath of the Wild, and Omni is regularly updating it as better reference material becomes available. The latest version of the font file is available to download for free from the official Hylia Serif website.

We have also added the font file to our Fonts page, which was recently redesigned. From the Fonts page, you can download Hylia Serif as well as many other fonts found in Legend of Zelda games and logos.

Special thanks to Zeltik for bringing Hylia Serif to our attention.