Last week saw the release of the fantastic animated Majora’s Mask fan film “Terrible Fate” from Ember Labs. The fan film was an amazing achievement in animation and storytelling, but it also had a great soundtrack. And that soundtrack is today’s pick for Music Monday. Have a listen to the hour long soundtrack below.

Arranged by Theophany, the album features arrangements from long time Legend of Zelda fan contributor Rozen, flutes by Laura Intravia (known for Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions and Video Games Live), and guitar by Joe Zieja among others.

The soundtrack, like the fan film, is very well produced and is very easy to confuse it with something directly from Nintendo. If any one of the producers and artists are reading this, then on behalf of the Zelda Universe team I wanted to say a huge thank you for creating such an amazing compilation and we can’t wait to see what you do next.

I highly recommend checking out Terriblefate’s website if you wish to learn more about the projects.

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