For this weeks Fanart Friday, I have chosen Nicole Gustafsson’s (Nimasprout) 2010 entry for the Desert Bus 4 Hope charity fundraiser for Child’s Play. Titled “Treasure!” the fanart depicts Link and the King of Red Lions hauling treasure inside a bottle. There’s something very surreal about the painting and gives me the impression that Link is trapped in a habit of collecting rupees instead of completing his quests. The textures created give a sense of patchwork and antiquity, and the washed out colours add to the sense of weariness. It’s a very well crafted piece of art that can be interpreted many different ways, which is why it is not surprising that the original artwork raised $1,500 during the Desert Bus 4 Hope auction.

Windwaker bottle

This year’s Desert Bus 4 Hope charity fundraiser ended on 19 November and raised a fantastic $693,880.29! Now in its tenth year, Desert Bus 4 Hope is a fantastic charity fundraiser built upon the premise of a telethon of people playing the mini-game “Desert Bus” for as long as people keep donating. The fundraiser also has a side auction for handmade art and goods from all over the world. I highly recommend checking out the site here to understand the charity fundraiser better and how you can get involved in next years event.

The charity Child’s Play is an invaluable charity designed to improve the lives of children in hospitals all over the world through the use of toys and games. To learn more about Child’s Play and to donate, click here.

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