Whilst easily being the darkest installment of the franchise, Majora’s Mask still has its fair share of light-hearted moments, and an equally enjoyable soundtrack to underscore them. The Deku Palace theme song is by-and-away one of my favourite songs from the game; for me, it’s an example of a song perfectly encapsulating the theme of the area and characters within it — there’s a playful sound to the piece that captures the nature of the Deku-folk perfectly.

I’d come to the conclusion that my ex-girlfriends obsession with Glee had long since killed my enjoyment of anything acapella, but I’m glad to say this incredible cover by aptly-named YouTuber, Smooth McGroove, makes me grin from ear-to-ear every time I turn it on.

With cover versions, I normally like to hear a few new twists to vary it from the original but I actually love how ear-perfect this one is, albeit in a very different style. There’s the same quick, choppy percussion that is so reminiscent of the Deku’s shuddering walk, and the lofty, mysterious whistle that has become synonymous with the forest places around the Zelda universe. Even the tribal-like breakdown, which ranks as one of my top ten most annoying sounds in gaming, sounds great — benefitting greatly from the natural sound of a singing voice over the synthetic horn format used in the original.

Gaming is all about having fun, and part of what makes me enjoy this cover so much is how much fun Smooth McGroove seems to be having in his performance. The video filled with dancing eyebrows, goofy facial expressions and Charl, the cat, on percussion add to what is a wonderful rendition and make this one of my favourite Music Mondays to date.