Happy Friday, everyone! Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend Another Anime Convention — AAC for short — located in Manchester, New Hampshire. It was amazing to be able to attend panels, make new friends, and spend a ridiculous amount of time walking around The Dealer’s Room. The Dealer’s Room is probably one of my favorite places at a con because you get to venture around and find beautiful art from up and coming artists at their tables. While wandering the room with my friend Lori, one table caught my attention. I urged her to follow me, and we walked over to lucidsky‘s table where she had dozens of video game-inspired art hung up on a board. In particular I found myself falling in love with her Legend of Zelda print, which I bought later that same day.


I’m so glad I did. My favorite thing about this piece is that it doesn’t just focus on the evolution of Link, but also Zelda. We also get to see little symbols for each game, such as Majora’s Mask and the Ocarina of Time in Link’s hands. The colors are vivid throughout the art, and the attention to detail in the background is what makes this piece so stunning. The Triforce at the top even looks like it is being held up by others and Link’s sword; fitting symbolism of Zelda’s and Link’s responsibility to help keep the Triforce away from evil with the help of the friends that they meet along their journey. Overall, this piece was one of my favorite posters that I saw last weekend, and I’m so happy to be able to share it with all of you.

Be sure to follow lucidsky for more of her wonderful art!