If you’re an artist, or you surround yourself with art both in real life and through your social media channels, you’ve likely heard of the yearly event Inktober. It’s a 31-day challenge where artists are encouraged to create one piece of art a day, every day, during October. Often specific themes or topics are assigned to each day, but it all boils down to having fun and growing as an artist — even if you’ve never done a single sketch.

The folks over at Linktober are adding a Legend of Zelda spin to the event this October. Joel Siegel and his fellow artists are looking for creatively-inclined heroes and heroines to contribute art for each day’s new theme. Submit your work to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtags #Linktober and #Linktober2016 (or their Inktober equivalents) for your chance at seeing your art shared on Linktober.


If you don’t know a colored pencil from a crayon but you enjoy seeing fan art, feel free to follow Linktober on Facebook and Twitter, or check out their posts on Pinterest and Instagram. They’ll be uploading new art daily. Will you be adding yours into the mix?

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