Iwata’s passing is something that still causes some Nintendo fans pain and sadness. Since his passing, we have learned various stories of him, like how he kept working on Pokémon Go even in his hospital bed and how some of his early work was found. Once again, this latest story will surely cause some to drop a tear or two.

It has been revealed that before Iwata passed, he had written messages to several of Nintendo’s employees, detailing all the knowledge he had gained from his seniors, including Nintendo’s third president, Hiroshi Yamauchi. Clearly, Nintendo’s future was always in Iwata’s thoughts.

However, that is not all that he included in his messages, for it was also reported that he wrote about some really personal details of his life to some people, as well as some of his memories. It seems that Iwata himself knew he had not much time left in this world, and wanted to leave a piece of his wisdom behind.

Wipe those tears off now, and let’s be happy that Nintendo had such a dedicated president, one that always had the best of intentions for the company.

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