If you’re interested in acquiring more figures from the Zelda series, then prepare yourself for a bit of good news! Recently, Medicom has announced that they will be releasing three new figures. The figures will all be of Link and will be boasting his appearance from Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess, and A Link Between Worlds. They will retail for roughly $10 a piece, will be about 7 cm tall, and are due out in May 2017.

Below are some images of what each of them will look like:
Majoras Mask LinkTwilight Princess Link medicomLink Between Worlds Link Medicom

Overall, the quality seems to be pretty good for $10. They’re even listed as being “Ultra detailed,” so they should be on par with previous figures that Medicom has released. The only negative that comes to mind is that we won’t be able to get them until May of next year, unfortunately.

With such a low price point, do you see yourself picking any of these up in the future? If you are, them check them out in detail at C.J. Mart’s website.

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