If you ever find yourself transformed into a Picori, don’t fear as you’ll still be able to get your gaming fix. Before the Big N announced the upcoming release of the NES Classic Edition, Nintendo fan DaftMike had set about creating his own miniature version of Nintendo’s classic console. Using a combination of 3D printing, NFC tags, and a Raspberry Pi mini computer loaded with the Retro Pi emulation software, he’s fashioned an NES that is not only sixty percent smaller than the original, but also comes complete with functional miniature cartridges (including a gold Zelda cart) and cramp-inducing controller.

It’s an impressive bit of kit and an extremely interesting process. DaftMike is starting a video tutorial to help people build their own, and is releasing the schematics and 3D CAD files to accompany the videos. You can read all about the project here, and check out the video below to see it in action.

SourceDaft Mike