Picture this. You’re Link and you’re in that room in the water temple. You see Dark Link, and, like every enemy you’ve come across, you attack by smashing the B button. Except, to your surprise, you hit nothing but air as Dark Link somersaults himself away from your every blow. What seemingly started off as a simple hack’n’slash adventure just turned into a crash course on The Art of War. All of a sudden, I had to think about my every move, both offensively and defensively. What’s also surprising is that I probably died more times fighting Dark Link than Ganondorf and Ganon. And all I got for beating Dark Link was the hookshot! I mean, the hookshot is great and all, but after that fight I was expecting Gannondorf to fall to his knees and beg for my forgiveness!

DeviantArt user ThatLD created this awesome piece of anime-style art depicting Link’s battle with Dark Link in Ocarina of Time. Although the Dark Link somersault itself was infuriating, I really don’t blame ThatLD for choosing this moment in the game, as it is a very pivotal fight. Titled “Conquer yourself,” the piece shows Link’s frustration and anger as he tries to defeat a manifestation of himself. Dark Link is also beautifully rendered as he isn’t depicted as being translucent (like in the game), but as being more opaque and shadowy with those piercing red eyes that could haunt your dreams forever. The water splatter injects so much energy and motion into the piece as well, giving the impression that time has actually frozen so we can admire the conflict.

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