The Breath of the Wild E3 stream sent eager Zelda lovers into a frenzy, and many fans have flocked to the internet to discuss all the details that have been revealed so far. The gameplay shown at E3 gave viewers the opportunity to experience the new Zelda world that Nintendo is planning to bring to our consoles next year. The open-world aspect of the game gives a fresh new take on a unique and widely successful franchise. Packed full with courage, wide open spaces, and adventure, this upcoming installment is bound to invade the hearts of many Zelda fans all over the world.

Today’s Fanart Friday was created by DeviantArt user EternaLegend, after she was inspired by the trailer that was released during E3. This dazzling illustration focuses primarily on the bold and vibrant environment that the gameplay has established. Action has always been a vital component in any Zelda game, and the footage that we have seen so far shows that Breath of the Wild is overflowing with weapon choices, including melee weapons and varying strength levels.


What I love most about this image is that Link is shown on horseback with a sword on his back and his bow and arrow mid-fire, demonstrating a fierce and mature Link with this new title. In this new Zelda game I do believe that we will see a new perspective on Link and his story, and that players will feel an even deeper connection with him as they explore the ruins of Hyrule.