Many people have downloaded Nintendo’s first smartphone application, Miitomo and have enjoyed it. Nintendo has decided to do a series similar  to “Iwata Asks” for Miitomo. It will be a six-part question and answer series involving the producer of Miitomo, Yoshio Sakamoto, and Shigesato Itoi who worked on Earthbound as well as the website Hobonichi, which is roughly translated to “updated daily.” Mr. Iwata was the honorary “cyber director” of Hobonichi and was good friends with Itoi.

Yoshio Sakamoto was in charge of the spiritual precursors to Miitomo, Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life. He was also working on a Hamtaro game that allowed you to register information about your friends, such as birth dates. One of the more interesting points is seeing how the Mii editor concept was first created.The idea was to give avatars to your friend list so your friends could have something to associate you with. Sakamoto felt that it would be meaningless if the friend list only had names, and I agree with him. It sounds like the first Miis didn’t look too great, but the idea was there, and Mr. Miyamoto was kicking around an idea like this. It always seems like Miyamoto was kicking the tires on similar ideas that are the focal point of these interviews. Just look to the Mii Channel on the Wii U to see how things turned out. The Mii concept is going strong, with the 3DS using Miis and of course Miitomo!

Mr. Iwata respected Mr. Miyamoto but felt everything at Nintendo couldn’t run through him. He felt Nintendo would only traverse one path if that was the case. Iwata created a separate team that wasn’t under Miyamoto’s watch that could do things quickly. It’s very interesting to see how two storied men at Nintendo carried themselves, and it’s also interesting to see that Iwata felt Nintendo needed multiple “creation paths.” They couldn’t just be Mario and Zelda. You never know when something you start working on will come back into the forefront. This series is a prime example; if Sakamoto wasn’t developing friend registration for Hamtaro, we might not have the Mii avatars or friend interactions at all.

At the time of publication, parts one and two were available to read with the other parts of the interview coming in the future. Keep an eye out for them as the next installment should hit on Miitomo!