If you’re all done with the Cave of Shadows in Twilight Princess HD, you may actually not want to retire your Wolf Link Amiibo just yet. If you missed the news earlier, you can summon Wolf Link into your adventure in Breath of the Wild using the figure.

Now we have a new trailer which demonstrates gameplay footage of Wolf Link in action. As he follows you, he can aid you in combat and help you hunt for food. Pretty awesome!

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  • JaidynReiman

    The ability to have an AI companion I doubt is something exclusive to Wolf Link. That seems like something which was already built into the game, and they added Wolf Link as an extra addition because it was easy to handle.

    Also, Aonuma said “most of the time you won’t have a companion.” That implies sometimes you MIGHT. It could be something like the Sages returning, only this time they may join you briefly for certain events.

    • Rukariouzu

      I’d definitely like to see some AI NPCs other than enemies for once. Even if it’s just for temple purposes.

  • Shona

    I really love this idea!