A storm is brewing in Hyrule, and you must be prepared.

In Breath of the Wild, not only must you fight the likes of Ganon and his ilk, you must also battle the elements. Snow, wind, rain, it all takes a toll on your body and if you’re not protecting yourself, you will pay the price. You’ll have a temperature meter to help keep an eye on the weather.

These environmental effects take place in a variety of scenarios. Night time is colder than day, mountains are colder as you climb higher, and the weather changes naturally as you roam the world, adding a survival element to the Zelda franchise.

There are different ways you can keep yourself protected from the elements.

Different outfits will give you different resistance to weather, for example, there is a green “quilted shirt” that gives you +Cold Resistance which should keep you warm in the winter.

Food items, like the Spicy Elixir and items using Spicy Peppers as an ingredient, contain buffs that can protect you from certain elements which adds depth to the hunting, gathering, and cooking we have seen in this game.

Fire can also be used to keep yourself warm. Standing near a campfire or holding a torch will help. Going into water in the snow will be freezing for Link’s body.

It’s interesting to see all the different ways you can protect yourself from the cold in this game and it seems like these weather elements will be integral to the survival aspect of this game.