One of the many new features being introduced to the Zelda series through Breath of the Wild is cooking.

In lieu of cutting grass and smashing pots to find Hearts, Link must now scavenge for food to replenish his health. Cutting grass now functions as a way to reveal insects and other small creatures.

Throughout the adventure, Link will obtain many different types of food, including (but not limited to): Bird Meat, Hearty Truffles, Steak, Stamella shrooms, Hylian Shrooms, Apples, and Spicy Peppers. Different foods have different outcomes and foods can be cooked together with other foods — as well as other items not typically considered food — to produce dishes, stews, and elixirs that will revitalize Link in multiple ways. The simplest example is the steak, which will replenish one Heart raw, and two Hearts after being cooked.

In order to cook something, Link must first find either a fireplace or utilize flint and firewood items to create a fire by striking them with his sword. From the outset, Link can only hold five ingredients at once. One example of the elixirs showcased in the E3 version of Breath of the Wild is the Energizing Elixir, produced by cooking the Bokoblin Horn and Restless Cricket in a pot, which enhances Link’s stamina. When you’ve obtained ingredients, recipes are visible when selected on the item screen.

Fish are also present in the game, but as of now it seems that the only way to obtain them is to throw bombs into the water near the fish.

This is certainly just a small primer to the immense amount of ingredients you can obtain in the game through hunting and gathering, and this element furthers the survival aspect of this latest installment to the series.

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