Back in 2011, artist and fellow Zelda fan Ag+ created this amazing piece of fanart to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the franchise. This incredible piece showcases the majority of characters from the franchise, beautifully illustrated, up to Twilight Princess (Skyward Sword hadn’t yet been released). One of the reasons that I love Zelda is because of the amazing character design and the deep mythology represented in each game. This piece perfectly showcases this idea with the vast number of characters and the gorgeous attention to detail. I personally have spent hours looking through the piece just finding characters and remembering their stories.

It’s been five years since this art was revealed to the world, and the artist has created some amazing Zelda fan art since then. It’s now been over 30 years since Legend of Zelda first hit stores in Japan, and this piece still brilliantly captures the essence of the franchise (Skyward Sword excluded). Check out other pieces by this artist on the Ag+’s Pixiv page, and sound off in the comments about your favourite character in the series and in the artwork! Is there anyone missing from the piece that you’d like to see?


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