The Nintendo Store recently had its grand reopening in New York City, and it was one big party with all Nintendo fans invited. The brand of the store also changed as it went from the Nintendo World Store to “Nintendo NY”. Now you can read into that all you want, thinking that global expansion for Nintendo stores is the next logical step and you might be on to something. It could also just mean that it was time for a change and Nintendo NY sounded better, but in the minds of the execs, it’s probably the latter.

There were special guests for the ribbon-cutting ceremony as Mario and Luigi were there to help Scott Moffitt (Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing), Rick Lessley (Vice President of Supply Chain Group) and Doug Bowser (VP of Sales) cut the ribbon. The voice of Mario, Charles Martinet was there and took pictures and signed autographs for the fans. This was the first time I have personally met Charles Martinet and he’s a great guy, but of course I didn’t expect anything less from Super Mario.

The store looks like it’s set up better to host gaming tournaments with a large screen on the second floor, and I’m sure they will get their feet wet when the early access Pokken Tournament competition final comes to the store. Twilight Princess HD was on the big screen and it looked gorgeous. It was a bonus that the registers were opened to the media during the event so I could get my hands on the limited edition Mario and Link t-shirts commemorating the grand reopening! Each t-shirt came with a collectible coin, matching the character on the shirt. The faces on the coins look really lifelike!

Link Nintendo NY Store coin

Nintendo put a lot of time into the renovations for the store and it looks great. If it isn’t the Mario going down the flagpole, it’s the Piranha Plant coming out of the Warp Pipe. If it isn’t the giant Donkey Kong display by the stairs, its the retro-sounding 8 bit music playing over the speakers while you shop. It’s the little things like that that show a lot of time went into making the store nice. The DK barrel with the outlets for charging electronics was a nice touch, and I love the classic Mario artwork upstairs. If you haven’t yet been to the Nintendo NY store, it is an absolute delight and my personal favorite is the Game Boy from the Gulf War that’s been melted and still works!

Nintendo really knows how to throw a party,and I was glad to be a part of their reopening celebration.