Do you ever look at a cool Nintendo or Zelda craft and think to yourself, “I’d love to have the time/money/skills to do that”? Stuff like an N64 logo table, a custom Zelda inspired video game console, or a Zelda arcade cabinet can come across as daunting. Fortunately, Our Nerd Home has just the project for those of us who are lacking in funds and ability: a Zelda 8-bit fireplace.

Using foam board and those free paint squares you can find at home improvement stores, you too can turn an unused fireplace into a tribute to the NES game that started it all. The project doesn’t take long, and the steps are simple and easy to follow on Our Nerd Home’s tutorial page. Throw in a log of wood and maybe a dog or two, and you have yourself a cozy “fireplace.”


The thing I like about this craft is that you can switch up how you do it. You can use poster board instead of the paint samples, or even craft paint itself, and the cost won’t be radically different. You could even toss a fire sprite or two on a wall, cloak yourself in red, grow a beard, and wait for an adventurer to come along. The possibilities are endless.