Gaming communities around the world as a whole have been moved by the death of Satoru Iwata, former president and CEO of Nintendo. The loss of this legendary leader of Nintendo has left many people distressed and feeling as though they want to hold onto Iwata-san for as long as they can, as he’s been a leading contributor to their gaming lives.

Satoru Iwata described himself as a game developer and a gamer, as well as a business man and corporate president. Although he had to make tough decisions on a corporate level with Nintendo, he was always proud of the products they launched and endorsed. This renowned business man and gamer has made an influential part in many lives and because of that, a petition has been launched for Nintendo to release an Amiibo of the late CEO.

Satoru Iwata amiibo logo

This petition in all aspects has been respectful and also heartwarming to those who have taken part. User and creator, Niccolas Vasquez states, “Please note that this petition is not affiliated with Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, or the family or [sic] Satoru Iwata and will be respectfully taken down upon request by Nintendo or the family of Satoru Iwata”. Respecting the privacy of the Iwata family or legal restrictions that Nintendo may have, if any issues arise, Vasquez will remove the petition.