In the wake of Satoru Iwata’s passing, fans and colleagues of the highly-regarded president have honored his memory worldwide. From art to heartfelt messages, the outpouring of emotions and support has been continuous.

Through the #RaceForIwata hashtag, many fans have built a fun tribute, keeping in the spirit of Iwata’s own feelings about video games and the fun they can bring into one’s life. You too can join in on this tribute by scanning the QR code below via your Wii U GamePad’s camera. Once Iwata’s Mii is saved on your system, you can select him in Mario Kart 8’s character selection screen, and race as the beloved Nintendo president.


I found it easiest to save the image on my smartphone, zoom in on the QR code, and hold it above my Wii U GamePad’s camera. Another way you could go about it is to hold up the GamePad up to the image itself on your computer. If those methods don’t work, you could also use your 3DS’s camera to capture the Mii and then transfer it to your Wii U. For double the tribute, you can change your Nintendo ID’s assigned Mii to Iwata as well.

While this hashtag may fade, our memories of Satoru Iwata will not. Share your memories with us in the comments below, and tell us your own testimonial about one of gaming’s most endearing figures.

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