Mr. Iwata came from humble beginnings. Starting out as a freelance programmer for HAL Laboratory during his college years, he eventually rose up to become president of the company when they were facing financial troubles and helped turn them around. He helped in the development of Pokemon Stadium and wrote a compression tools for Pokemon Silver and Gold despite not being apart of Game Freak. Iwata was more than just a corporate head; he was a programming prodigy and a tireless worker.

In 2002 Iwata became president of Nintendo. He helped develop incredibly innovative devices such as the Nintendo DS the and Nintendo Wii U, which sold like in ridiculous amounts worldwide. Nintendo was in a golden era so to speak.  Although the company had faced some financial trouble as of late, Iwata was never phased. He was a man to look up to and stuck to his guns, which is to be respected. At a GDC keynote in 2005, Mr. Iwata stated “On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.”

The news of Iwata’s passing breaks our hearts here at Zelda Universe, so for today, we want to dedicate our weekly Music Monday to him. He touched so many lives and it’s hard to believe we will never have another Nintendo Direct or “Iwata Asks” with this man that we truly admired and looked up to. Enjoy Music Monday; hopefully it can help us all grieve together.

And thank you Iwata-san, for so many years of service and hard work. We will never forget the lasting impression you left on our lives or the gaming industry. May you rest in peace.