Over the past year, we at Zelda Universe have been working diligently to bring you the best user experience possible. We’ve developed a gorgeous front page that displays news more dynamically, created an innovative guides and features format, and even rebuilt our forums. A couple of months back, we sent out a call for front-end developers, but now we need people to work even further behind the scenes as part of our DevOps team. And before you think that “behind the scenes” doesn’t sound very exciting, this is possibly the most important role here at Zelda Universe.

As a member of the DevOps team, you will be expected to:

  • Maintain multiple servers containing different types of software
  • Coordinate updates and live deployments
  • Respond swiftly to site emergencies, including downtime, hacking, etc.
  • Research, implement, and maintain new types of systems

As for specific skills required, you must:

  • Be familiar with Linux or Unix type systems
  • Be comfortable working with command lines. There are no GUIs for this kind of work
  • Have some prior experience in SQL database management

Additionally, it would be a major plus if you are familiar with best practices and/or have experience in nginx, Redis, Vagrant, Docker, or Chef.

Most importantly, you will be working as part of a great team of talented people. We require you to be able to collaborate with them via our online chat tool. Remember, like all positions at ZU, this is a volunteer position and we will not be able to compensate you for your work–however, you can always use the experience you gain here in your resume and we will be happy to provide references for you in the future.

To apply, please send an email entitled “DevOps application” to jobs@zeldauniverse.net containing your name, age, contact information, and past experience. Additionally, let us know why you want to be a part of the ZU team!