Link’s Awakening set a lot of standards later used in the Zelda franchise. It was the first game to take place outside of Hyrule, the first direct sequel to its predecessor, the first Zelda title not to involve the titular character, and it had a diverse and lovable assortment of NPCs. “Ballad of the Windfish” is one of the most beautiful pieces in the entire series, and the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra brings this beauty to light.

Playing for a charity event, the group pours the emotion into the piece that could not be present in the original, with a heavy use of strings in this beautiful arrangement. While Link’s Awakening is not one of my favorite Zelda games, it set the standard for games like Majora’s Mask to be made. “Ballad of the Windfish” is a gorgeous piece of music, which is why it is today’s pick for Music Monday.