A Link Between Worlds was met with universal critical praise, but parts of the Zelda fandom were left divided about the changes the game brought about. Items were no longer found in dungeons but were either rented or bought from Ravio, a mysterious young man in a rabbit suit. The game saw the return of the Dark World in the form of Lorule, the dark reflection of Hyrule. Link also gained the ability to transform into a painting, merging with walls, making A Link Between Worlds one of the greatest puzzle games when stacked up against its predecessors.

This week’s pick for Fanart Friday reflects (no pun intended) the duality of A Link Between Worlds, comparing and contrasting Lorule and Hyrule, Hilda and Zelda, and Link’s own duality. “A LINK BETWEEN WORLDS FAN ART” by Phoenixboy of DeviantArt expresses all of these aspects perfectly, making it the ideal choice for this week’s Fanart Friday.


  • Thomas Andersen

    ALBW was amazing! If the item-system would work as well in a 3D Zelda, I dont know.. but we should remember that there still where items and things located in the dungeons!

    Complaints about ALBW is that its to damn easy.. at least 4x harder should be the standard! And it seams that the general issue with Zelda is that the game dont manage to balance the difficulty progression.. its harder to have 3hearts and face off against enemies in the beginning of the game(still not that hard) ..than it is to have 20hearts and 4 Bottles and then face enemies later in the game! Even if they removed the bottles(amazing overkill to have in the game) ..the enemies deal less damage % wise than early in the game… making the game easier and easier the longer you get into it! And thats a huge “Error!!:) It should be fixed!

    It shouldnt even be equally hard at the end % wise as in the beginning, it should be HARDER! Come on Zelda People, fix it!! 🙂 Force us to develop as a players, not only pick up in game items and heart pieces to create the illusion that we are improving.. when in reality, we are not!

    Remember that the longer we get into the game, the more experience and skill we get, meaning, the enemy-creators should also take this into consideration!!:)

    • Morgan

      I thought the difficulty was just fine, at least from a puzzle standpoint. but that’s just me. I got the game for review before anyone could talk about it and there were a few puzzles that stumped me for quite a while.

      • Thomas Andersen

        The puzzles where fun, but I never got stuck on any of them, but I did enjoy them very much!:) They where at least forcing me to ask my self, hm, what should I do here.. instead of the usual, I see the block, I see the switch.. yeah, its obvious. So yes, they where a step in the right direction, for sure!

        Edit: But the enemies where a walk in the park, I dont use potions or fairies in recent Zelda games but still, Im not able to die… not even once! And again, Im closer to death early in the game than I am later on. And this has been the case for the last 15years!:)

        • Morgan

          To me Zelda has always been about the puzzles; it’s one of the reasons why the series is so great. Different people get different things out of it.

          • JaidynReiman

            Zelda is always about puzzles for me as well. Personally, I still can’t say LBW beats LTTP in my eyes. I thought it was a decent game when I finally got the chance to play it, but it seemed incredibly easy.

            Only using one item per dungeon was also annoying and kinda ruined part of the fun in past titles where multiple items could come into play (yeah, they usually based each dungeon largely around one item, but it wasn’t necessarily JUST that one item).

          • Thomas Andersen

            I see:) I never found the puzzles to be any challanging, so I have never really had that as my main reason to play Zelda. For me it has been about being on an adventure, trying to explore and find everything the world could offer. Also, when I was little, I loved the challange it presented me with!:) I miss the days where I could be stuck for days and weeks(ALTTP) ..a game I beat when I was 8, without knowing English at all. A challange I loved, and a challange I will never experience again, unfortuantly!:)

          • Morgan

            it’s not that they’re overly difficult, but they do cause me to stretch my mind a bit. Everyone has a different way of thinking too, so that plays a factor.

          • Thomas Andersen

            Of course!:) I enjoyed ALBW very much cause of the fun puzzles, but what made me love the game was that I could chose where to go from the get go. Just having that choice makes it feel so much more like an adventure and not like a tour(SS)!:)

          • Chad

            To me Zelda has been more about the puzzles. Yeah there have been times I was stumped too bu not anything Twilight princess and on. I think the puzzles have gotten increasingly easier with ALBW being the easiest of any zelda game I’ve played. The game is too forgiving and the dungeons really don’t get harder since they tried to have a nonlinear game. I think they have a lot to work on for future games. I am pretty excited about the newest game, however, It looks like they are really trying their best to make it superb.

  • Nyx

    This is so beautiful! Loved it!

  • Amanda

    Two worlds, one family!

    • Chadlton

      If someone didn’t go there I’d be disappointed lol