Ocarina of Time’s Water Temple brings stress to the minds of many players, but something interesting about it has been discovered. Morpha is described as a giant aquatic amoeba. The boss is said to have been created by Ganondorf and is the reason for Lake Hylia drying up and Zora’s Domain being frozen. While Morpha is actually just the red nucleus moving back and forth in the water, the tentacle or “limb” it controls to attack you may be based on a real life organism.

While it resembles a blown-up air tube, its known as a Pyrosome, which is made up of large groups of Tunicates, which itself is made up of smaller groups of Zooids. They are usually found in the top part of the warm sea and feed on plankton and other small organisms. Its name is actually a reference to its bioluminescence, meaning fiery body. One diver mentions that it feels like a soft feather boa.

The resemblance of this real-life “sea monster” is uncanny to Morpha found within the game. Could it be the inspiration behind the monster Ganondorf created within the Water Temple? If so, I can see why Nintendo used it. I would hate to come by one of these in real life.

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