With CD-ii U Month in our midst, we at Zelda Universe would like to take a step back and commemorate some of the best pieces of content from last year’s CD-ii Month. While there were so many pieces to chose from, we picked out content which we believe are some of our strongest work from last year.

To start things off, Hombre De Mundo created this hilariously terrible video showing us what Ocarina of Time would be like if Philips had made the game. Much like our kick-off video for this year’s CD-ii U Month, which portrays Zelda U if it were made by Philips, it probably gave children nightmares for months to come.

Hombre also hosted a podcast with special guest King Harkinian himself! As they talk about how to incorporate the Wii U Gamepad in Zelda U, hilarity ensues, and JoshJepson has a hard time keeping a straight face!

For our next piece, pictures were taken by the ZU staff to show the various places where Gwonam has visited. The locations varied quite a bit, with Gwonam traveling to places such as Singapore, Atlanta, Georgia, and Uppsala, Sweden!

On a more serious note, The Missing Link wrote an incredibly heartfelt piece on why he loved the “Unholy Triforce”, which is the trio of CD-i Zelda games. Giving a background on the console battle of the early 90s and how the CD-i games came to be, The Missing Link gives us a foundation for the creation of these games as well as how he came to love them so much. He even created diagrams to help him through the games in the early-to-mid 90s! There may be no bigger fan of the CD-i Zelda games to be found.

To close out CD-ii Month, Morgan wrote a piece on why the Unholy Triforce is canon and belongs in the official Zelda timeline. Pointing out all of the contradictions made over the years by the developers regarding the timeline and arguing that as the CD-i titles are still licensed Zelda games regardless of whether Nintendo acknowledges them or not, Morgan began to paint a picture of why the games belong. The next step was finding a place where the games belong, which Morgan did by using in-game evidence from the Zelda series.

While some scoff at the fact that the CD-i games even exist, we at Zelda Universe have found value in these games, generating content that proves that the games are not only loved, but deserve to be acknowledged as true Zelda games.

As CD-ii U month is upon us, we hope to keep generating quality content and recognize these titles, even if no one else will.