It is written, the month of March on ZU is also the month of the Zelda CD-i games. In the last two years we’ve had CD-i Month, CD-ii Month and in 2015 we celebrate CD-ii U Month! Come along for the ride as we give some love to the black sheep of the Zelda franchise, because without the CD-i games, the world would be a little more dull.

Unlike last year, we’re not going to make daily posts about CD-i. Instead we’re focusing on fewer, but better, pieces of content, both from us and from fans around the world. We start off with taking a look at what would Zelda U would look like, if it was made by Philips:

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  • veeronic

    and I’ll be back april

  • MischievousLittleImp

    Uhm… ok.

  • Ryan Haney

    I wouldn’t mind playing through the stories in those cd – I games if they just remade them with clearer graphics and better controls. Look at ALTTP on the SNES. It didn’t HD graphics, but you never have to try hard to tell what’s happening on screen. What I realized when y’all showed those in-game videos, 2 years ago was that I would hate the control scheme.