Twilight Princess has one of the most memorable sequences of final boss battles in the entire Zelda franchise. It is also one of the few games where you fight Ganondorf as both a man and in his demonic pig-like form. This piece of art by AdoobibullTwin4 of Deviantart, aptly titled “Link vs. Ganon“, is a beautiful depiction of Wolf Link and Midna fighting Ganon from Twilight Princess.

The ferocity of both Link and Ganon is wonderfully portrayed here, surpassing even the game in this regard. Although the battle isn’t overly difficult, it is a ton of fun, and one of my favorite boss battles in the series. The colors aren’t too vibrant and they aren’t too subdued, and the quality of both the artist’s talent and the quality of the artwork is overly apparent. This moment in the Zelda series couldn’t be depicted any more perfectly, which is why “Link vs. Ganon” by AboobibullTwin4 is today’s pick for Fanart Friday.