Kakariko Village is a fictional place that holds more memories than most real locations for some of us. It made its debut in A Link to the Past before reappearing in several other titles in the franchise. To date it has also appeared in Ocarina of Time, Four Swords Adventure, Twilight Princess, and finally A Link Between Worlds. It usually serves as the home for most NPCs found within the games. Many quests, mysteries, items, and even dungeons can be found within the different revisions of the small town.

Because we spend so much time within the village, its not surprising that many of us have a sense of nostalgia wash over us whenever we hear any of the songs associated it. Whether we’re reminded of collecting lost Cuccos for an extra bottle, discovering the Book of Mudora, or simply passing through the village to make your way up Death Mountain, it always seems to have some sort of special memory attached to it.

This particular cover of Kakariko Village from Twilight Princess is performed by CSGuitar89. More than just simple one instrument covers, he is known for using several different instruments in his covers with multiple layers of acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, and even the occasional use of ocarinas to make them unique to him. CSGuitar89 is one of the more well known video game musicians on YouTube and his revision of Kakariko Village here shows us exactly what makes him stand out from others.


  • Lazara the Last

    This is truly amazing! Though, Zelda music in general is amazing, but great work! One of my favorites from TP too.

    • Jesse McCarty

      Glad you liked it. Who is your favorite person on YouTube to watch zelda covers from?

      • Ryan Haney

        Smooth McGroove and Taylor Davis are awesome, but I also like guitars and pianos, so maybe I’m not picky as long as they do a good job recapturing the Zelda feel. I would not know about Smooth and Taylor if it weren’t for Zelda Universe sharing them years ago.

        • Jesse McCarty

          They’re all good as well. What would your favorite cover be?

  • Ryan Haney

    I tell ya, this guy rocks. I’ve listened to several in this embedded box. When one ends, I choose another.

  • Nelsyv

    CSGuitar is definitely my favorite Zelda-rock player, LOVE the Hymns of Light and Shadows album 🙂

    • Jesse McCarty

      I completely agree, he is an awesome guy as well. He helped me record my own album.