USAopoly recently announced their intentions to release a Legend of Zelda version of the dice game Yahtzee. While a tentative release date has been announced as “late spring”, a price point has not yet been revealed.

Yahtzee: The Legend of Zelda will come with a treasure chest dice cup and a variety of colored dice, presumably designed after Rupees which are found in The Legend of Zelda franchise. This is a perfect compliment for the Legend of Zelda Monopoly game that came out late last year.

For those who love to play games that require a little bit of luck and a little bit of strategy, or would simply enjoy having a Zelda-themed Yahtzee party with friends, this is a must-have for you!


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  • SnorlaxMonster

    I didn’t even know they made themed Yahtzee. I guess it’s a popular game, but it doesn’t really have the customization space Monopoly does.

    • Poyzun

      Back in the 90s, they made a Pokémon themed Yahtzee, I had it as a child

    • Joshua Torre

      It doesn’t, but the cup design is often cool enough to warrant it. Like the chest here. Like the mario one is a ? block, pacman is a 3d version of his packman sprite where you dump the dice from his mouth, etc.

  • Max Nichols

    That’s really weird and looks pretty unappealing. Also, those dice are not themed at all. What missed opportunity.

    • dude

      Each dice is coloured like the rubiees

      • Max Nichols

        Barely. They’re the wrong shades of the colors.

        • dude

          Green, purple and red seem like the right shade, surprised there isn’t a silver though sadly.

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