YouTube user Smooth McGroove has uploaded an outstanding version of the Majora’s Mask composition “Oath to Order/Calling the Four Giants.”

As far as the video goes, the center plays the cutscene in which the composition stems from, while various recordings of McGroove surround the game video. All of this is reminiscent of the intro to the old show The Brady Bunch. Using “oohs” and “ahs” for note enunciation, the musician compiles lovely chords built underneath the main melody. It’s quite the beautiful — if not somewhat dark — piece.

One other aspect I appreciated were the sticcato “dah” notes to help fill out the chord progressions and create a nice juxtaposition to the smoothness in the rest of the rendition. Smooth McGroove has done other video game compositions in a similar way, such as “Dire, Dire Dock” from Super Mario 64. Be sure to check out his other videos!