We’ve covered quite a bit of Zelda apparel and knick-knacks over the years, and now we have a few more that have caught our eye! Over at The Pixel Smithy, there are some incredibly neat Zelda-themed items that are featured, such as these beautiful necklaces.

Zelda Necklace 1

The pendant necklace includes the three Spiritual Stones, first seen in Ocarina of Time, along with the Triforce to top it off. The other necklace is a simple metallic Hylian Crest. Both necklaces are incredibly visually appealing as well as reasonably priced. The Spiritual Stones necklace sells for $45 USD, while the Hylian Crest necklace is on sale for $30.

Make sure to browse the site and see what other cool Zelda accessories you can find, and make sure to order your necklaces while you still can!