It’s time to go and collect those Rupees — er — I mean, points. The Deluxe Digital Promotion comes to an end in just two days. On December 31, Nintendo will officially close down the program after running it for a couple of years.

DDP Info

It’s too bad, since the program seemed to be well received and essentially gave back 10% on what the consumer was already planning on purchasing, such as eShop games and DLC packs. Receiving $5 eShop cards by simply buying enough titles has been a very welcome promotion. So, hurry up and grab some points to cash in for those eShop cards before it’s too late!

  • Ryan Haney

    I’m 320 points away from a new card. So, if I spend $32 today I can get $5 tomorrow. I did have 2 $5 cards in there that I hadn’t redeemed when I checked yesterday to see how far I was from a new code. I used them to get the Hyrule Warriors DLC mentioned in the previous article, and Duck Hunt.

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