With Christmas less than a week away, it feels only fitting that this week’s Fanart Friday feature some Christmas goodness, along with a little Zelda/Link action sprinkled on top! Daniel-Link of Deviant Art manages to portray a charming yet cute version of what a ZeLink Christmas would look like in his piece “Merry Christmas 2012.” While Link has yet to open his present, Zelda received a Heart Container from Link, signifying the depth of their relationship.

This particular piece depicts the Skyward Sword incarnations of Link and Zelda, and as this is the one game where Zelda and Link’s relationship goes beyond mere friendship, it fits perfectly. You can even see Groose trying to take a peek through the window in the background with his signature pompadour, as well as Tingle and Fi dolls lying about. Graced with a beautiful Christmas Tree decorated with many of the treasures Link found on his adventure, this is the perfect backdrop for a Zelda-themed Christmas. While Link gave Zelda his heart, I wonder what Zelda’s present to Link was?

I suppose that’s best left to the imagination! Happy Holidays everyone!

  • MischievousLittleImp

    Groose is so mad at them together there, by the window, it’s so funny XD

  • Amanda

    Awww cute! I love Zelink so much 🙂 And are they in Zelda’s room? 😉

  • Ryan Haney

    That’s cool! I like all the collectables on the tree, the Hylian Shield cookie, the streamer on the wall…

    2 questions: 1. What does the red # mean over Groose’s head. I saw that on an anime cartoon once and didn’t know what they were trying to convey. 2. What do you think it sounds like when Link opens his gift?

    • CEObrainz

      Isn’t that a general sign that the character is annoyed? At least that’s what it means in Anime. For your second question, well it depends on how important the gift is….

  • CEObrainz

    Love the little Fi doll, looks like a very cosy room.

  • Chase Hender

    Hey, groose is not a bad guy
    He’s just making sure that Zelda isn’t in any danger.
    Didn’t you see how he jumped for her when he went to the past and caught her as she was about to hit the ground in Skyward Sword?