Today is the release date for Ultimate NES Remix in North America, and to celebrate this occasion we at Zelda Universe have decided to go retro with this week’s Fanart Friday. Wielding his original sword and shield, Link faces off with two Octorocks in this brilliant depiction of the very first Legend of Zelda game. This charming piece by BrokenTeapot of DeviantArt entitled, “The Legend of Zelda“, thoroughly captures the essence of the first game in the Zelda series. It perfectly portraying Link’s dashing outfit, the landscape Hyrule, and even the original game’s menu HUD which is shown onscreen. If anything illustrates retro Zelda in all its glory, it’s this piece of fan art by BrokenTeapot.

As Ultimate NES Remix reaches North American shores today for the Nintendo 3DS, we are reminded of the beginnings of Zelda, where a young boy set out on a simple adventure to save a princess. The rest, as we call it, is The Legend of Zelda.


  • Ryan Haney

    I like that this looks like it could be in the instruction booklet.
    P.S. Do you mean hub or HUD?

    • Morgan

      sorry yeah I fixed that. I always get that mixed up, lol.

  • Vladislak

    I can’t be the only one who really wants to see traditional land-walking octorocks in a 3D console Zelda game right?

    I’ve been waiting to see that since OoT changed them to water-based ones.