Ocarina of Time has one of the most emotional endings of any Zelda game. After Link fulfills his destiny as the Hero of Time and defeats Ganon, Zelda utilizes the power of the Ocarina of Time in order to send him back seven years in the past, restoring the time that he had previously lost.

Link and Zelda had a very close bond in Ocarina of Time, and this piece by aquanut of DeviantArt entitled “…Thank you… Good-bye…” sums up their relationship in the game perfectly. As one who believes that there are hints of romantic feelings between the two, I find the portrayal of this moment incredibly beautiful yet tragic. Zelda’s tears remind me of how I felt when the two were separated, not only by time, but by the very fabric of reality itself. The scene is bittersweet and one of my favorite moments in the game, not to mention the entire Zelda series, which is why “…Thank you… Good-bye…” by aquanut is today’s pick for Fanart Friday.

  • Dominic Hin

    Great fanart, though I’ve always wondered why recent interpretations of OoT’s [adult] Zelda have decided to add a lavender hue to her outfit.
    What I mean to say is that I don’t remember OoT Zelda looking so… purple, both in-game and on the official promo art (I have both the N64 and 3DS versions, btw)

    • Ryan Haynes

      It has something to do with TP Zelda’s design. I guess a lot of people preferred TP’s purple than OoT’s pink.

  • Zelda

    This pic made me sad

    • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

      i know zelda