Throughout his adventures, Link has traversed many lands outside of Hyrule. Some of these lands exist within the same world as Hyrule, some of them exist as alternate realities, and others are even in the form of a dream! Wherever Link travels, he has a knack for attracting trouble and is forced to endure many hardships and tribulations. Even outside of Hyrule, Link is still tasked with saving the world from the forces of evil, even if that evil doesn’t pertain to his most vile enemy, Ganon. For today’s Music Monday, we would like to pick out some music that highlights Link’s travels outside of the land of Hyrule and the many hardships he faces on these journeys.

Link’s first adventure outside of Hyrule occurred in Link’s Awakening. Koholint Island seemed like a peaceful place at first, but little did Link know of the dark secret that lay within this distant land. In many ways, Link’s Awakening set the foundation for a game like Majora’s Mask — it was the first Zelda game to take place outside of Hyrule, it had a very dark story, and had some very memorable characters along the way.

Its ending was bittersweet and one of the better endings in the entire Zelda franchise. Link awakens the Wind Fish, but with a cost — Koholint Island vanishes, as it was only a figment of the Wind Fish’s dream to begin with. My pick for today’s Music Monday is thomandy’s “Ballad of the Wind Fish, Piano – Extendend w/Rain & Thunder“, which perfectly captures the essence of Link’s Awakening for me. Tragic yet beautiful, this piece conveys both the darkness and the beauty of the game as Link struggles to awaken the Wind Fish, knowing full well what the cost will be.