A Link Between Worlds has a very unique art style. Along with being very focused on artwork within the gameplay, Link actually utilizes the power to become a living painting that can traverse walls. Now, you can get your own small piece of artwork inspired by the title on JBox. You have your choice of either the overworld map from the game, or 2D mural versions of Zelda and Link on a wall, with the Hylian symbol in the center.

The blankets are 100cm squared, and cost $22. They appear to be fairly thick and made with a soft polyester material, making them worthy purchases for the price.

ALBW Blanket

I must say, the Fresco art style found on the blanket featuring 2D Link and Zelda is quite awesome, and truly captures the feel of the excellent 3DS title. Make sure to pick up yours before stock numbers are unraveled!

Update: It appears the overworld map blanket has been removed from the website, but the second blanket is still available for purchase.

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