If you’re interesting in drawing manga, or just fascinated by the process it takes to create one, be sure to check out Akira Himekawa’s Manga Maker series. Tokyo Otaku Mode are taking beginners through each step by using the Legend of Zelda manga. Himekawa will be adding to the guide over time, and are posting regular updates on their official Facebook page.

There are three volumes on the site so far, with Volume One presenting “Rough Sketches and Idea Notes”. Sketches and notes are sent to the editors, and then they hold a meeting where they discuss the sketches.

rough sketch idea notes himekawa

Volume Two is “Character’s Rough Sketch”, which explains how the manga artists must show the characters’ personality through their designs and facial expressions. It also covers how the character design changes in regards to the audience. Hyrule Historia was targeted to adults who grew up with the Zelda franchise, so the Skyward Sword manga was darker with the adult audience in focus.

charcter rough sketch himekawa

Volume Three is “Plot”. The ideas for the story develop as the artists work on the rough sketches for the characters. They present the plot to the editors with pictures and descriptions.

plot himekawa

“Akira Himekawa” is the pen name for manga artist duo, A. Honda and S. Nagano. They have been drawing the Legend of Zelda manga series since 1999 with the Ocarina of Time manga, and have most recently published a Skyward Sword manga in 2011’s Hyrule Historia. Their A Link to the Past manga has been recreated into an animated cinematic by Aeipathy Industries.

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