ArtStation user Cassio Yoshiyaki has uploaded some amazing illustrations inspired by The Wind Waker. One can’t help but imagine the title, with its cel-shaded cartoon-like qualities, be reimagined as a Dreamworks or Pixar animated film.

WW Link

Wind Waker is my personal favorite Legend of Zelda title, due to the nature of the game, the music, and most importantly, the visual flare it displays. These illustrations truly bring out the humor and feel of the GameCube title, and capture the child-like wonder and silliness the game promoted so well.

WW Zelda

What do I mean by “silliness?” Well, the first illustration shows Link staring at a seagull with a very entertaining look on his face, while the second picture reveals a befuddled Zelda with her shoes off, fighting with getting her hair just right. The pieces look amazing, and make me hope for some type of animated film in the future.

You can see even more awesome illustrations on Yoshiyaki’s ArtStation page.

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