With Sheik no longer sharing a character slot with Zelda in Smash for 3DS and Wii U, she’s finally able to take the spotlight as her own character in the latest installments in the series. It seems only fitting that this week’s Fanart Friday places the spotlight on Sheik and her wonderful portrayal in the Smash franchise. Like her or not, she has a huge following and is one of the most beloved characters in the Super Smash Bros. fandom. Artist AlBryce of Deviantart has created this beautiful piece of artwork featuring Sheik, portraying her as she appears in the various Smash games. As far as ninjas go, Sheik stands at the top as one of the coolest ninjas in all of video games, which is why she takes the spotlight in this week’s Fanart Friday.


  • MischievousLittleImp

    That’s a beautiful art! Sheik is one of my favortie characters.

  • True Hylian Hero

    Did you really have to remind of these polarizing news about Sheik in Smash bros.?

    • Morgan

      She’s a popular character in the series, like her or not. Splitting her and Zelda was probably pretty great for Sheik fans….not sure about Zelda mains though. the two together were a great pair.

      • True Hylian Hero

        Of course, those who like to use both forms together are not going to agree with this. At the end it all boils down on the topic of separating Zelda and Sheik in terms of gameplay, because separating Zero Suit Samus and Charizard were better received in comparison.

  • Ryan Haney

    This artist could make good money in the comic book industry.

  • Izzy

    Amazing art i wish i can draw like that