Nintendo has released an official commercial for their latest title, Hyrule Warriors, on the company’s official YouTube channel. The commercial is roughly 35 seconds long, but definitely makes good usage of its short time; a large portion of the trailer consists of gameplay from various locales.

It’s good to see an official commercial finally arise for the Wii U exclusive, and it looks great! Later this month, get ready because it’s time to fight!

  • Chad

    And this is why I hate voices in video games. Often they are subpar and clash with the game. This is why I never want nintendo to do Voice acting for Loz.

    • heroofmasks

      you act like this trailer had the characters talking but ur right no voice acting in loz its like a story were reading

      • Chad

        I’m simply saying that the person they chose to voice the trailer is not representative of the game his voice just doesn’t fit. This is what will happen to Zelda if they do actually put it in.

        • heroofmasks

          heh he sounds like any other trailer announcer i heard

        • Ryano

          The voice over for the trailer sounds like any other trailer, no big deal. Have you actually heard the english voice acting in the actual game? I think it sounds pretty cool. LoZ could really benefit from voice acting and I would expect Nintendo to do it well…maybe you just have ridiculously high expectations

  • Juan Alberto Castillo

    I was stripped of my Platinum membership, and I was upset that I also did not receive a code for Smash. Anyone willing to spare a code? I have a 3DS here in the US, and my e-mail is: [email protected]

    A code would really make my day.

    • MJB

      No you weren’t. That’s not a thing that happens. You never had platinum. Don’t lie, dude. Just say you want a code.

      • Juan Alberto Castillo

        Bro, want me to screenshot my screen and show you I am a Platinum member? Yes, I did want a code, but no, I would not have asked for one if I already had one, which I do now, as people were kind enough to post them on gamefaqs (I was lucky, as it was first come first serve).

        Apparently there was an error with my status, and it was fixed just a few days later, as I checked yesterday and I had my status again, with over 700 coins to spend. If you still want proof that I am a Platinum member, send me a message via my e-mail in which I already posted that way you don’t post to the public your e-mail.

        • MJB

          That’s much more believable. Before it just sounded like a sob story to get someone to give you a sympathy code.

          • Juan Alberto Castillo

            Nah bro. I’m not that much of a sob. In fact, someone a few days back was nice enough to give me a code, but it was Australian, but it was not used for an exchange for an NA code. That would’ve been mean lol

  • Ryan Haynes

    In other news:
    Zeldamotion Episode 1 is finished.

  • Ryan Haney

    I wish Nintendo would show ads during football games. I never see any of their ads, during primetime or sports. Every game on tv is full of pos4 and xbox 1 ads.

  • Michael Bowerman

    @ryanhaney:disqus I saw this commercial appear multiple times on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, so that’s a start! 🙂

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