It has already been stated on numerous occasions that Hyrule Warriors originally functioned more like a typical Zelda title, dungeons and all. Something previously unknown though, was that Shigeru Miyamoto himself once again “up-ended” the tea table, telling Hyrule Warriors development staff that the goal of this project was to “graft Zelda onto the Dynasty Warriors experience,” not the other way around, which was Tecmo Koei employee Yosuke Hayashi’s initial idea.

With Shigeru Miyamoto having so much experience up-ending tea tables, how would you like him to redecorate your own? It may be messy at first, but he’ll help create an abundance of success in your name!

  • Andrew DeCaire

    Wow, usually it’s Miyamoto who makes the bad decisions. (Removing all story elements from RPGs) this is surprising, but at the same time I know Miyamoto is a brilliant respectful game designer, so I’m also not surprised.

    • Vladislak

      I dunno, Miyamoto has made a SOME bad decisions (don’t we all?), but I think his brilliant decisions are far more numerous.

      • Andrew DeCaire

        That’s pretty much what I meant :3 his good decisions outweigh his bad ones. Especially the fact he single-handedly saved the Videogame industry.

        • Clifford Smith

          No doubt, i wager this game will be bumpy at first but by the second one it will be another favorite. Just like smash bro and Mario kart.

    • Slashser

      For the record, exactly what RPG are you talking about?

      • Andrew DeCaire

        “Paper Mario Sticker Star” it was going to have a deep dramatic plot similar to Thousand Year Door, but Miyamoto insists that Mario shouldn’t have a deep involving plot and be kept simple, so he forced that the game have next to no plot. Also, Mario Galaxy 2 was going to add more backstory for Rosalina but he removed that too.

        • Soeroah

          For these reasons I went from “omg day one” for Sticker Star to “maybe when it’s $10”.

        • Phazite

          I did not know that. I was disappointed with the story elements of both games (mostly Sticker Star).

          Rosalina had some back story in Galaxy 1. I don’t see how adding a bit more would have hurt, especially if they did it in a similar manner.

  • Telthas

    Huh? I thought Hyrule Warriors was a dynasty warriors game masked with Zelda characters from the git-go….

    • Soeroah

      What the article means is, originally the proposal was to make a Zelda game with Warriors style plots and characterisation, rather than a Warriors game with Zelda skins.

      Basically, they wanted to make a Zelda game based off their series, rather than a game in their series based off Zelda.

  • 17Haru17 .

    Set Phrases!!!